Ingredient Disclosure

We care about the ingredients in our products and we’re committed to providing the information our consumers need to make informed choices. We provide ingredient listings for all our formulated OTC, cosmetic, pet care, and cleaning products, along with information on what each of these ingredients do. If you want to know what’s in one of our products simply look for the product below and click to learn more. For information on how to determine a Church & Dwight product’s date of manufacture, click here. Still have questions? We’re here to help. Contact us.

Antiperspirant & Deodorants:

Baby Care:

Cleaners - Deodorizers:

Cold & Allergy :

Dental Care:


Digestive Relief:

Fabric Softener Sheets:

Feminine Hygiene:

Hair Care:

Hand Sanitizer:

Hemorrhoid Relief:

Laundry and Fabric Care:

Nasal Care:

Nausea Relief:

Oral Care:

Pain Relief:

Pet Care — Arm & Hammer:

Pet Care — Clump & Seal:

Pet Care — Essentials:

Pet Care — Feline Pine:

Pool Products:

Sexual Health:

Skin Care:

Specialty Hair Care:

Wound Care:

Commercial and Professional:

Nutritional Supplements:
  • For information on Church & Dwight's nutritional supplements please visit Supplement Owl.

For informational purposes only. While the contents of these documents are reviewed regularly ingredients are subject to change.