Guiding Principles

Church & Dwight products have been a standard of quality and environmental responsibility since 1846. We are committed to conducting our operations within our influence in a responsible manner. These guiding principles are the minimum standards to ensure that working conditions are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. We have implemented an environmental and safety management system which supports our policies and provides a framework to maintain regulatory compliance and ultimately operate beyond compliance. We expect your commitment as a vendor for Church & Dwight to adhere.

Management System

Church & Dwight expects its vendors to adopt or establish a management system that covers the scope of these guiding principles. Training shall be provided by the vendor for managers and workers to implement polices, and procedures related to these guiding principles.

Ethical Standards

  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to conduct all business to a set of ethical standards compatible with the Church & Dwight Ethical Standards as follows:
  • The reputation and integrity of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. are valuable corporate assets, vital to the Company’s success. Each Company employee, including each of the Company’s officers and general managers and each Company director, is responsible for conducting the Company’s business in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. Specifically, we encourage among Company personnel a culture of honesty, accountability and mutual respect. Additionally, we provide guidance to help Company personnel recognize and deal with ethical issues. Finally, we have provided mechanisms for Company personnel to report unethical conduct.
  • Dishonest or unethical conduct or conduct that is illegal will constitute a violation of these Standards and are grounds for disciplinary action.

Legal Requirements

  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to be law abiding and to comply with all legal requirements relevant to the conduct of all their businesses.

Employee Standards

  • Child Labor: Church & Dwight expects its vendors to employ individuals of the legal working age as specified by country requirements or at least age of 16 if not specified. Prison Labor/Forced Labor: Employees must be employed of their own free will. The vendor can not use forced labor in any form -- prison, indentured, bonded or otherwise.
  • Disciplinary Practices: We will not utilize vendors who use corporal punishment or other forms of mental or physical coercion.

Wages, Working Hours and Benefits

  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to pay their employees the wage required by law and shall provide legally mandated benefits.
  • Employees must be paid for all hours worked. Wages for regular and overtime work must be compensated at the legally mandated rates.
  • Wages must be paid in legal tender and at least monthly.
  • Working hours must be in compliance with country specific requirements.
  • Regular and overtime working hours must be documented, verifiable and accurately reflect all hours worked by employees.
  • Employees must be provided with rest days in compliance with specific country requirements.
  • Payroll deductions must comply with specific country requirements.

Freedom of Expression and Association

  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to respect the right of workers to join and organize associations of their own choosing.

Living Conditions

  • Dormitories and canteens must be safe, sanitary and meet all local government standards.


  • Church & Dwight expects that workers shall be employed on the basis of their ability to do the job and not on the basis of personal characteristics, cultural differences or beliefs.

Environmental Management

  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to share our commitment to the protection of the environment. A vendor must have programs in place to minimize their impact on the environment and make efforts to contribute to improving conditions in the countries and communities in which they operate.

Health & Safety Management

  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment. Programs must be in place to minimize the risk of accidents, injury, and exposure to health risks.


  • Church & Dwight expects its vendors to maintain on file all documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with these Global Operations Guiding Principles. The vendor agrees to make these documents available for monitoring by Church & Dwight.