Sustainability Reports

Environmental Awareness

At Church & Dwight, we're committed to conducting our operations in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner while striving to achieve our business goals. We believe that strong financial performance enables us to continue supporting important environmental and community projects. We continually assess the impacts of our operations on the environment and promote environmental awareness with our employees.

Health & Safety

We strive to maintain a safe working environment. All employees are required to participate in Church & Dwight’s Safety and Health Program, which conforms to government standards and industry best practices. This program embodies proper attitudes toward injury, illness and mishap prevention through the cooperation of management, supervision and fellow workers.

All employees are trained to promote safe workplace behaviors. We continually track company safety performance, employing metrics such as days away from work, restricted work activity, and transfers to another job. We also conduct safety audits and quantify our performance.

Product Stewardship

At Church & Dwight, product stewardship and sustainable development go hand-in-hand. We’re committed to enhancing the health of both people and the environment by designing and manufacturing safe and effective products.

Our approach includes: careful risk assessment of ingredients and products; minimization of materials whenever possible; and optimum use of recycled, renewable and biodegradable source materials and reusable end-of-life materials. Our goal is to provide safety, quality and performance at an affordable price, while protecting the environment.


Church & Dwight is a member of PRODUCT CAREĀ®, the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) product stewardship program. Through PRODUCT CAREĀ®, we participate in training sessions and mentor relationships with other member companies. Together with HCPA we are currently developing industry-wide management principles across seven product life cycle areas, ranging from product design to anticipated disposal needs. Visit: