Consumer Brands

Fabric Care

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An Odor Free Home Starts with ARM & HAMMER™
It’s not clean unless its OxiClean™
Bringing the Rainbow of Fragrances to Life
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Health & Well-Being

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Pleasure of Protection
FIRST RESPONSE™ Supporting Your Pregnancy Journey
Maintain Your Vaginal Health
Helps Replenish Vaginal Moisture
We Make Nutrition Taste Good!™
We Make Nutrition Taste Good!™
Probiotic Supplement
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Home Care

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An Odor Free Home Starts with ARM & HAMMER™
7 Day Odor Control, Guaranteed!
Pool Maintenance Tablets
NATURAL* ODOR CONTROL with no added fragrances *Feline Pine™ Clumping Litter contains natural pine and clumping agent, plus mineral oil for dust control.
KABOOM™ does the hard work for you!
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Love your Floors!
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  • Scrub Free™
  • Clean Shower™

Personal Care

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Solutions for Your Whole Family
Refresh Your Hair!
Full Hair Instantly!
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Oral Pain Relief and Care
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#1 Hair Removal Brand* *Data on File
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The New Gold Standard in Facial Hair Removal
Battery-Powered Toothbrushes
Get Instant Nasal Relief Safely and Naturally
Bad Breath, Dry Mouth Products and More
Hair Growth Vitamins and Hair Care Products for Men and Women
Market Leader in Water-Jet Technology in Both Oral Water Flossers and Replacement Showerheads
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  • AIM™
  • Arrid™
  • Close-Up™
  • Pepsodent™