Minimize Environmental Impact of Our Global Operations
  1. Achieve carbon neutral status for all global operations by end of 2025.
  2. Reduce global process water and/or wastewater by 10% annually normalized to production.
  3. Maintain a global operations solid waste recycling rate of 75%.

Managing for Environmental Sustainability and Safety
It is essential for us to make great products and to produce them in facilities with robust environmental, health and safety performance. We work toward this high-performance culture by adhering to well established principles defined in the company environmental and safety policies. These policies guide our environmental and safety practices and expectations, and they are implemented through the following approach:

Accountability: Each of our facilities has a designated on-site environmental and safety coordinator responsible for monitoring and managing environmental and safety issues affecting their facility. These coordinators are closely networked to enable peer mentorship and best practice sharing across facilities.

Audits and Inspections: Each of our facilities undergoes a third-party conducted safety audit each year, and a third-party conducted environmental audit every other year. All facilities are subject to periodic, unannounced inspections by federal, state and local environmental and safety agencies.

Awareness: We offer regular training for all our manufacturing employees to promote awareness of environmental and safety practices and procedures. This includes an annual Environmental and Safety Conference for facility environmental and safety coordinators.

Awards: Each year we recognized one of our global operations for exemplary environmental safety and sustainability performance. An award is presented to a representative of the operation at a Town Hall event.